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ShotSpotter profits from gun violence
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Who We Are

We represent a broad coalition of local and national organizations and communities who are deeply concerned about ShotSpotter’s harmful impacts on the Black, brown, and poor people that the company surveils. We are united to #StopShotSpotter and build community-led responses to address the root causes of gun violence.

Our Demands

Join us as we demand cities immediately cancel their ShotSpotter contracts and redirect funds to social services which have been proven to address gun violence. City governments considering using ShotSpotter should reject their dubious marketing claims and embrace the science, which is clear that what most effectively addresses gun violence is a public health approach, not spending millions on flashy new law enforcement surveillance tools. It's time for Shotspotter to do the right thing- stop selling products that perpetuate injustices and start listening to communities calling for real solutions to gun violence.

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People are organizing and speaking out. Surveillance is not safety. We want real solutions to gun violence — not more theft of public money that brings more racist policing to our neighborhoods.

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